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Last month Ronelee Holsteins in Lynden, Washington had a great classification.
Here are some of the highlights:

Two Yr Olds:

Ronelee Ben Olive: VG 87
(fresh one month, 87 Mammary, Ben x VG 85 Shottbolt X EX 91 Outside Dabble)

Ronelee McCtchn Dazzling-ET: VG 86
(McCutchen x EX 90 Aftershock Daze x VG 86 Zenith Daring x EX 91 Outside Dabble)

Ronelee Dark Secret: VG 85
(Polled, 86 Mammary; Earnhardt-P x VG 86 Mac Danya x EX 91 Outside Dabble)

Ronelee Prdstn Doctrine-ET VG 85
(87 Mammary; Predestine x VG Iota Delish x EX 91 Outside Dabble)

Ronelee Mixer Durable-ET VG 85

(Mixer x VG 86 Observer Duracel x EX 91 Outside Dabble)

Ronelee Daystar Gerber VG 86

(88 Mammary; Ronelee SSI Hero Daystar x EX 90 Fortune Geranium; 7 Generations of Excellent)

Ronelee McCutchen Jiffy VG 85
(86 Mammary; McCutchen x VG Jeeves Discover x EX 91 Goldwyn Discovery)

Ronelee Oak Sasha-ET VG 85
(AltaOak x VG 86 Ammon-Peachey Digr Sheri x Martha Sheen)

Ronelee Headliner Carmel VG 85
(Headliner x Domain Caitlin)

Ronelee Magnus Charcoal VG 85
(Magnus x Goldwyn Charlize)

Ronelee Freddie Devout VG 85
(86 Mammary; Freddie x EX 93 Mr Sam Devotion x EX 93 Rudolph Dimple x EX 95 Select Mark Dolly)

Ronelee Drifter Hotstuff VG 85
(Ronelee Observer Drifter x VG Lennon Hotsauce)

Ronelee Drifter Lakeisha VG 85
(Ronelee Observer Drifter x VG 86 Fortune Lakeisha)

Ronelee Drifter DenimSkirt VG 85
(86 Mammary; Ronelee Observer Drifter x EX 90 Million Denim x EX 92 Mr Sam Divine x EX 93 Rudolph Dimple)

New Excellents:

Ronelee Dippity-Doo-ET EX 90
(Durham x EX 91Outside Dabble; 5th Generation Excellent)

Ronelee Dorianna-ET EX 90
(Durham x EX 91 Outside Dabble; 5th Generation Excellent)

Ronelee Domain HappyGoLucky EX 90
(Domain x 86 Outbreak Happier)

Ronelee Domain Susette EX 90
(Domain x EX 90 Juror Sunday)

Cedar-K Domain Mady EX 91
(Domain x VG 88 Cedar-K Mel Mavis)

MS Ronelee Goldchip Roz EX 90
(GoldChip x GP 83 Domain Roslyn)

Ronelee Goldchip Natia EX 90
(Goldchip x EX 92 Duplex Nitya)

MS Ronelee Decision Laguna EX 90
(Ronelee Goldwyn Decision x EX 94 Bos-Top Durham Burcu 1185)

Ronelee Snowdrift EX 90
(Snowman x VG 85 Goldwyn Denali x EX 91 Outside Dabble)

Excellent Cows Raised or added E:

Ronelee Hilltop Moolah EX 93
(Ronelee Roy Hilltop x VG 87 Peter Mia)

Ronelee Coldspring Gazelle EX 92
(6th Calf, Coldspring x EX 90 Zenith Gleam; 7th Generation Excellent)

Ronelee Mr Sam Dessert-ET EX 92 2E
(8th Calf; Mr Sam x EX 93 Rudolph Dimple x EX 95 Select Mark Dolly x EX 91 Southwind)
Domain and his dam, Dabble, are quickly becoming household names in the Holstein business. His outcross pedigree – no Shottle, Goldwyn or Oman – combined with his chart-topping genomic numbers make him an exciting, refreshing choice for breeders around the world. While this family may be new to the popularity scene, they’ve been a favorite of ours for many years. We’d like to give credit where credit is due, the exciting cow who started it all…
Select Mark Dolly
Excellent – 95 EX-MS 4E GMD DOM
4-08 365 40340 3.6 1383 3.1 1260
6-07 365 45870 3.8 1846 2.9 1344
276,000M Lifetime

Dolly is backed by an EX-91 Southwind and has many, many progeny in our herd. For a closer look at who we are working with from this family, click here to check out Dolly’s page.

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